25 single girls head to the South of France with one goal in mind – to win the heart of The Bachelor, Gavin Henson. If Gavin likes a girl he’ll offer her a red rose and ask her to stay; if she doesn’t get a rose she’ll be on the next flight home. In each programme Gavin take the girls on a series of dates designed to test Gavin’s compatibility with the girls to the max.  There will be adrenaline fuelled group dates, big physical challenges, and exotic beach locations and of course ultimate romantic solo dates where "The Bachelor" can get to know a girl better in an intimate setting before deciding which girls to send home in the “Rose Ceremony”, the Climax to each show.   The series is filming in some of the most glamorous locations across the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. 

We would like to thank the people below for their support in making the series. If you would like to find out more about some of the places that are featured in “The Bachelor” please check out the links below.


Saint Lucia Tourist Board – www.saintlucianow.co.uk

British Airways - www.ba.com/stlucia

Jade Mountain - www.jademountain.com

Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa- www.cbayresort.com

Ca’ Marcello http://www.camarcello.it

La Villa Mauresque http://www.villa-mauresque.com

Stonefield Estate Villa Resort & Spa http://www.stonefieldvillas.com/