Ten part series for E4 Television is a brand new formatted entertainment series. It is a frank, funny and highly original way of examining bedroom politics within relationships.

The series features couples taking each other to court over a 'sexual grievance' and their sexual disputes are laid bare and resolved by a judge and jury.

Cases include a husband whose wife says his anal sex demands are excessive, a girlfriend who's charged with inconsiderate use of a vibrator and a man furious he's not getting fellatio.

They may seem funny but these charges are for real, and so is the setting - a courtroom complete with traditional oak and panelling. The couple are cross-examined by one of the most formidable faces in British law - the un-shockable but very strict Christina Gorna (in real life a famous barrister and author of numerous legal publications). The jury are made up of twelve ordinary members of the public who must see sexual justice served. (The six men and six women are of varying ages and backgrounds and include two 'naughty nans').

To give the court a medical perspective and some context to each sexual issue, a doctor experienced in sexual matters is called upon, as are witnesses and any evidence the couple have gathered in support of their case.

Like in any real court the SEX IN COURT jury must reach a verdict and a sentence is then passed. The jury's deliberations which make up part of the programme offer the kind of heated moral debate about sex one may hear in a pub.

The contrast of content and setting, complete with stenographer and court clerk, all contribute towards the SEX IN COURT humour.