In this series of Selling Houses estate agent Andrew Winter takes homeowners and their estate agents to task as they struggle with the nation's hard to sell homes, from listed buildings to ex-council houses.

Each week Andrew visits stressed homeowners whose properties have been stuck on the market for months. Anxious for a sale and unable to work out why no one wants to buy their home, they are desperate for solutions their agents have so far been unable to provide.

During a tour of the property Andrew gives a frank opinion as to why the place hasn't sold and convinces the homeowners on the right course of action. His critical appraisal is often met with opposition... until his advice is accepted as the only way forward if the property is to sell.

Next he tackles the agents who've been failing to sell it properly - from those who haven't even visited the place they're supposed to be selling, to those too afraid to tell the homeowner the truth about their awful decor. Andrew brings agent and homeowner together to thrash out problems caused by pricing, presentation and lack of communication. Then while the homeowners get to grips with the property's makeover, Andrew insists the agents improve their marketing of the place.

In under a week, with the makeover complete, the agent provides Andrew and the homeowner with potential buyers to take round the property. After the viewings Andrew gets them to agree on a new strategy to bring them closer to the sale the homeowner so desperately needs.