In the past 2 years the number of Britons owning second properties abroad has doubled to 800,000 and shows no sign of slowing - and with over 23 billion of British money invested in foreign property there's a lot at stake. But as all too many people discover, their dream home in the sun can quickly become a nightmare.

In this new 6 x 60 series of Selling Houses Abroad, property expert Andrew Winter goes on a mission across Europe to help out British homeowners who are having major problems with their foreign properties.

"Every year thousands of Brits sell up and move abroad with the hope of an easier life, but in reality too many of them end up with property nightmares they can see no way out of." says Andrew. In this series he steps in to help foreign homeowners desperate to sell up in Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. While the properties undergo transformation to improve their chances of a sale, Andrew tackles the marketing.

In addition to the featured property, Andrew also meets up with two other Brits abroad who are facing major issues with their properties and gives them innovative solutions to their situation. From crumbling cave houses in Spain to property scams in Montenegro and Cyprus Andrew draws on his extensive knowledge of the international property market to give the owners a frank appraisal as to the true extent of their problems - and a plan to sort them out.

And with so many agents fighting for business as the foreign property market grows, viewers at home will also find out how to avoid being ripped off.