In this one-off documentary, Nicola goes on a personal journey to explore the culture of tanning amongst young women and men in the UK, and the extremes they will go to in order to obtain the perfect tan.


Nicola will meet young women whose love of tanning is an addiction, who use sunbeds 5-6 times a week, who inject untested tanning-aid drugs. She'll meet girls in their early teens who, like her when she was young, experience the pressures from their peers to conform and be tanned. 


Nicola will reveal how she has overcome her early reliance on fake tan and her gradual sense of confidence in her own skin.


Nicola will meet the top dermatologists and cancer experts who will reveal the risks tan addicts are exposing themselves to. Nicola's journey will take her into the hospital wards where some of the estimated 120 under 40s who die from skin cancer each year are treated. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in under 35s in the UK. 


Nicola will meet the families of those who have died from melanoma - and who are now pushing for a change in the law to protect the young from the tanning industry – and her journey will take her to Westminster, where she has the chance to rally support for a new bill, that would protect under 18s from the dangers of sunbeds.