Across the country thousands dream of escaping the stresses of modern life and turning to the crafts of the past. This new breed of gifted amateurs are taking centuries old traditions and skills and rediscovering them for the contemporary world. In this series Monty Don will be giving some of the best an opportunity to train under the country’s master craftsmen  and offer them the chance to compete to win a commission from some of the UK’s most prestigious buyers, this could set them on the road to a future life as  professional Craftsman. Each Programme will focus on a separate craft and across the series Monty will meet Blacksmiths, Furniture Makers, Stonemasons, Glassblowers, Potters and Weavers, all hoping to turn their passion for crafts into a career.




Vaughans -

Abraweld -

Tecnik -

Darren Broome -


Bill Cotton - Furniture -

Vastern Timber -

Vastern Timber (Bates and Lambourne Furniture)

The Green Dragon -

Benchmark furniture -

Workshop Heaven -

Festool -

Elliotts Tool Warehouse Winchester


Bagpress -

Specialised Woodworking -

Mundy Veneer Co

Tyler Hardwoods Ltd


Whichford Pottery

Hampton Court Palace -

Wedgewood -

The Goring Hotel - /


Roast Designs - [Facebook]

Charles Ede Ltd

London Glassblowing

KT Yun

Contemporary Glass Society


Worcester Cathedral -

The Building Crafts College -

Tecnik -

Grinshill Quarry


Whitchurch Silk Mill -

Soane Britain -

Steve Attwood-Wright -

Shropshire Weavers -

Hand Weavers -

Texere Yarns Ltd

George Weil & Sons Ltd


Copper and Silk -