Nadia Sawahla presents this new BBC1 daytime series, which follows the highs and lows of real learner drivers, through every clutch-grinding, kangaroo hopping and curb mounting mile of learning to drive.

Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre goes where no driving series has been before, with exclusive access to wannabe drivers from their very first manoeuvres right through to their actual test day. We have access to every nerve-wracking forty minutes of the real test, and are right there for every triumph and disaster.

Each programme features two genuine learner drivers from somewhere in the UK. We find out why they need to drive before setting out with them along the highways and byways of mastering the motor, as they are tutored, monitored and just plain told off by their instructors. Nadia Sawahla, who famously failed her first test for Comic Relief, also braves it behind the wheel again. Over the series she narrowly misses mowing down a pedestrian, just escapes becoming a bus sandwich, possibly executes the longest turn in the road in history and has to reverse park an HGV.

It's a fun-filled rollercoaster ride leading up to the high tension of each learner's real test. With the official national pass rate only at 43%, be prepared for tears and tantrums all the way.