Great service matters almost more to Michel Roux than great food. He believes waiters and sommeliers are the unsung stars of the restaurant world; their brilliance transforming an ordinary meal into an unforgettable experience.  


In this new series, Michel is on a personal mission to train eight young people as front-of-house superstars, none of whom have previously considered this as a career. But this isn’t just about transforming these young people into great waiters. Good service involves discipline, care for others and self confidence so, for Michel, learning to serve others will mean developing essential life skills.  


They will receive the best training, learning the skills needed to run service in some of Europe’s best restaurants. And Michel hopes they will discover that front of house service offers a brilliant career. Ultimately, he will select just two to take up life-changing scholarships with placements at leading hotels and restaurants. 




Episode 1 - Wednesday 12th January

Episode 2 - Thursday 13th January

Episode 3 - Wednesday 19th January

Episode 4 - Thursday 20th January

Episode 5 - Wednesday 26th January

Episode 6 - Thursday 27th January

Episode 7 - Wednesday 2nd February

Episode 8 - Thursday 3rd February

A co-production with Millionmedia