The intrepid Food Unwrapped team are back for a new series, as they roam far and wide to unearth more surprising facts about the food on our supermarket shelves. Starting with an hour-long special, 'Food Unwrapped Supermarket Secrets' goes behind the scenes with some of the UK's biggest retail food giants. Kate Quilton investigates soaring demand for online orders, and learns how the big chains have enlisted the help of robots to keep up. Briony May Williams delves into the truth behind so-called lookalike brands, while Andi Oliver finds out what supermarkets are doing to tackle food waste. Later in the series, Jimmy Doherty fires up the barbecue to find out why Brioche burger buns are now all the rage, while Matt Tebbutt gets stuck into sausages and dicovers just how much meat can legally be in the great British banger.