Food Unwrapped tries to make sense of Brexit the only way it knows how by asking what will happen to the food on our shelves in our fridges and on our plates, and how our supermarkets will look and behave after we leave the EU.

Kate Quilton goes on the hunt for answers from some of the UK’s most prominent food experts…and finds herself at the heart of government. Matt Tebbutt heads to Spain to see if any sort of Brexit could put paid to our supply of fresh fruit and vegetables from Europe. Jimmy Doherty asks if Britain can ever be self-sufficient, travelling to Iceland to meet farmers who have harnessed the power of geothermal geysers to grow tomatoes in the frozen north, and asks if cucumbers may become more exclusive than papaya. Dr Helen Lawal wonders if our post-Brexit diet could be bad for our health, and asks if we are ready for the ultimate in post-Brexit dining…the tinned roast dinner.