In the Brazilian Pantanal, the women will take on a closely-knit brotherhood of cowboys, who ride for weeks to herd cattle to market across flooded plains, break in wild horses and castrate bulls with their bare hands. Off Australia’s southern coast, another team of women will work alongside fishermen on Explorer S, facing swells of up to sixty foot, sleeping in shifts, and working to net up to eight tones of fish a day.


Deep in the South African bush, a team of women will join a band of commercial hunters working day and night to keep the antelope populations in check. They are expected to cull up to a hundred animals each a day; the trail of blood is tracked by lions. While in the Canadian wilderness, another team will enter a community of loggers who risk life and limb to fell hundreds of acres of monster trees. Death stalks these treacherous hillsides: it’s one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet.


To succeed the women will have to throw themselves into tasks that will challenge them physically, morally and emotionally.  The men will come face to face with an adversary that challenges their very identity.  For both groups, the clash could change the way they think.