Back for it’s fifth series, Cowboy Builders is the show where Dom Littlewood and Melinda Messenger ride to the rescue of honest citizens across the land whose properties have been ruined by dodgy builders. Each week our presenters take on the challenge of repairing one home: putting right the mistakes made by the cowboy builders and exposing them to the public and the authorities.

Melinda takes charge of a team of expert tradesmen transforming bodged building sites into fabulous homes. With only a limited time and budget she enlists generous local businesses to help rescue the local family in need from their property nightmare. Meanwhile Dom pursues, names, shames and (hopefully) confronts the rogue builders, along the way amassing evidence against them including finding other victims of their shoddy work.

Each programme builds to a confrontation where Dom angrily stands up to the builders responsible asking them to give the money back and give up building altogether. Then finally in an emotional reveal, we hand back the house once it has been fixed to its long suffering owners.

In series five of this consumer affairs/makeover show Dom and Melinda up the ante, taking on some of their most devious Cowboys yet. There’s our first ever female cowboy (or should that be cowgirl) builder. Then there’s a father and son cowboy duo, and a builder who’s managed to rip off a load of homeowners without them ever seeing his face, or knowing his name. Melinda and her build team have to tackle some of their trickiest challenges ever from a three storey block of flats held up by just a few temporary props to a detached house that’s missing virtually the whole back wall.

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