Drop your cereal spoon and choke on your toast as Clutter Nutter EXPLODES on to your TV screens at breakfast time.

Watch some of the grubbiest, most rubbish packed bedrooms in Britain, and some of the most inventive kids around go head to head to see who can ditch the most junk, make some cash and win prizes!

Clutter Nutters is an energetic and competitive new game show in which two kids battle it out each day to see who can lose the most clutter from their rooms. Their junk is weighed at the start and again at the end, and the champion - who gets a money can't buy prize- is the one who finishes with the 'lightest bedroom'! There is a secret bedroom makeover for both participants too.

The show is a non-stop rollercoaster ride; big ups when the kids discover shedding toys is fun and that they can make some cash from their trash in the selling round; then tough emotional decisions on what precious items to ditch and how to avoid some hefty 5 kilo teddy penalties! Clutter Nutters is also full of tips on recycling, giving to charity, and how to sell stuff, helping kids make space for those Christmas gifts and stay de-cluttered forever!

Presenters Nigel Clarke and Hannah Sandling are on hand to compare the competition, offer top tips and help.