There are nearly a million empty properties in Britain and an estimated three quarters of them are privately owned. Presented by Jules Hudson of the BBC's Escape To The Country and Countryfile fame, Britain's Empty Homes is the brand new series that seeks to bring the nation's unloved, forgotten properties back to life.

As well as following couples who're looking at empty properties with a view to making one their home, Britain's Empty Homes features the work of the UK's 'Empty Property Officers' in their efforts to reclaim some of Britain's lost properties. We'll see how land registry searches, council records, the quizzing of neighbours and lateral thinking will all be employed to track down elusive owners.

Hudson also reveals the great potential vacant places for sale can offer buyers in terms of budget and lifestyle, whether it be a modest semi or a rambling mansion.

Sam Wilson, Executive Producer on the series explained its appeal:

"This upbeat series features properties located in Kent to Gloucestershire, London to Brighton and the thrust is about uniting unloved homes with owners. Neighbourhoods are finally united with occupants who will make the eyesore in their street a home again and the viewer will also have the visual treat of a beautiful looking property which has been restored or showcased. Finally we also meet the people who have already taken the plunge, rescued empty properties and transformed them into beautiful homes."