As we consume more and more, so these products become increasingly disposable. But would we care more if we knew the human cost of making our luxuries?

Over 5 weeks, 6 young consumers swap their luxury lives for the simple mud huts and shanty towns of Africa and Asia, to live and work alongside the people who mine, manufacture, process and recycle our luxury goods. First they travel to Madagascar where they learn where their gems come from. They take on 50 foot deep single shaft mines and join the human chain gangs in the open caste pits, digging up sapphires. They then travel to Ethiopia to experience life in the abattoirs, tanneries and leather factories supplying shoes to Europe, before heading deep into the jungle to the coffee plantations that supply many of the biggest names on the high street. Next they travel to Ghana to dig for Gold, with the relentless physical work and 40 degree heat proving too much for many of the group. While in Ghana, they find out the shocking realities of the toxic slum dumpsite where many of our unwanted electrical goods end up being recycled. Finally they join the thousands of Filipino workers making components for our MP3 players.

After some of the most challenging work and toughest conditions they’ve ever experienced, will any of the group ever have the same love for their luxuries again?