For many people a Christmas dinner isn’t complete without a roast turkey on the table. At this time of year over 10 million turkeys are heading towards the oven.  Jimmy investigates the safest way to cook a turkey – can they ever be cooked from frozen and why do they need to be cooked so carefully?

On Christmas Eve, it’s traditional for children to leave out a snack for Father Christmas and a carrot for his reindeer. But do reindeer actually eat carrots? Kate is off to Lapland to find out, meeting the reindeer being bred to end up on supermarket shelves.   

Do the bubbles in Champagne go to your head and make you feel tipsy sooner than other tipples? Matt has kindly offered to check it out and reveal the serious science behind the bubbly. Kate’s also on a mission to find out what’s in the suet in your Christmas pud and Jimmy wants to know why kids hate Brussel sprouts – and if food scientists can come up with a solution.