Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebutt are back with a Food Unwrapped Summer Diet Special.

Kate's in Japan, looking at miso. This flavour-rich, calorie thin soup has been touted as the perfect diet aid, but can something so thin and watery possibly keep you feeling full? She also tackles the apple cider vinegar diet - according to the glossies this is the latest Hollywood A list favourite, but can drinking regular shots of vinegar really help you lose weight?

Jimmy's off to Italy, keen to learn why it is that Italians can carb-load on pasta to their hearts content, yet as a nation they're so much slimmer than us. A visit to the world’s largest pasta factory throws up some surprising facts - maybe pasta isn't necessarily the dieting demon it's painted as.

And is there really such a thing as a calorie negative food? The scientific consensus is that it's a myth, but no-one has ever tested it... until now. In a dramatic world first, matt putts his own body on the line to find out if eating celery can actively help you burn the pounds... with remarkable results!